Form 13F EDGAR Filing Agent Service


  • Filter your holdings to exclude non-13f securities according to SEC instructions.
  • Submit a professional looking document according to EDGAR instructions.
  • Adher to all SEC/EDGAR requirements and XML specifications.
  • Streamline the process of compiling an EDGAR formatted report.


ACN will compile your 13F Report and act as your Filing Agent in order to submit the report to EDGAR.

It goes like this.  Send us your Holdings List, we compile the Form 13F Report and send you a Proof for your review and approval.  Upon your approval we will submit the report to EDGAR. You will receive an email notification as will ACN that the report has been accepted. 

Our standard charge for the Filing Agent Service is a onetime $25 setup fee, $125 per Holdings Report, $75 per Notice Filing, $100 per Amendment, plus any editing charges if necessary. We do not require an agreement and we will invoice you once your submission is accepted by EDGAR.


Once we import your holdings file into our software we have the ability to combine all like securities; substitute the ISSUER NAME and TITLE to agree with the Official List of 13F Securities; remove those items that fall below the minimum requirements (10,000 shares AND $200,000 in value); and filter your holdings list against the Official List of 13F Securities removing all non-13F securities from your report. We will also show you those items that we remove when we send you your 13F Report Proof.


On May 20, 2013 the SEC/EDGAR moved ahead with their proposal to require the Form 13F Report to be formatted in XML.  While the content of the report did not change; the method of compiling, formatting, and submitting the report to EDGAR did change.  EDGAR will no long accept the Form as a text file. ACN is prepared to handle the new EDGAR XML format.

Follow the link for full details of the SEC release.

Contact us for additional information or let us know if you have any questions.  We will send you further instructions and a sample spreadsheet.

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