Form 13F XML Software


Form 13F Key Benefits:

• Filter your Holdings Against the Official List of 13F Securities.
• Ensure proper layout for XML formatting.
• Direct submission for full XML file.
• Optional "Minimum Requirement" Screening
• Built in "Like Security" Algorithms for Proper Class Combination Calculations
• Import File Format Flexibility - Spreadsheet, Text, Axys, SunGard, Etc.
• Control & Storage of Information ONLY on your Server/Desktop
• Single-User & Multi-User Licensing (Compliance & Law Firms) Packages
• Software includes Official List of 13F Securities Quarterly Updates
• Archive Records for Compliance and Retention Needs
• Compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8 & 10.
• Network functionality for multiple user access.
• Includes Access 2003 Runtime Engine.

On May 20, 2013 the SEC/EDGAR required formatting of the Form 13F report in an XML format instead of the previous ASCII text file.  You are now required to fill out an online form for the Filer Information, Cover Page, Signature Page and Summary Page information. Your Holdings List will need to be formatted in XML according to EDGAR specifications.

ACN has upgraded the ACN Form 13F software into the new XML format.  The content of the actual Form 13F Report has not changed; the manner in which it is submitted on EDGAR and the format of the data, in particular the Information Table must be in XML.

The ACN Form 13F XML Software enables you to compile the report, filter your holdings against the 13F Official List and format both the Information Table and the complete report in XML. 

EDGAR offers two methods of submitting the report. The first and most common method, is to use their online template for the Cover Page, Signature Page, Summary Page and attach the Information Table in an XML format. The second method allows you to compile the full report in XML and submit the entire report in one file.

The ACN software enables you to do both and much more.


$500.00 - Single User Registrant - (1 investment mgr) & Annual Renewal

$700.00 - Multiple User Registrant (≤ 5 investment mgrs) & Annual Renewal

Legal, compliance and institutional firm licenses available upon request.

Follow the link for full details of the SEC release.

Contact us for additional information or let us know if you have any questions. 



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